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In June 2021, Gemma suffered a life changing spinal injury at an equestrian event. Gemma’s life would never be the same again. Gemma was rushed to James Cook University Hospital where she underwent major spinal surgery. This was the very start of an unimaginable and difficult journey. While spending months in intensive care Gemma fought with all her strength for her own life.

Gemma is currently in a residential home, her needs are extremely complex. She requires 24hr care, therapy and specialised equipment. This is vital to enable Gemma to return home.

Gemma’s unwavering positivity, spirit and sheer determination has shone brightly during the most devastatingly difficult years of her life. Gemma and her family are extremely grateful for the kindness and support they have received.

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Gemma is now preparing to leave the care home, and to do this she must have specialised equipment at home and continual specialist therapy.

The next milestone on Gemmas Journey is to fund a 12 week physical therapy placement at a specialist residential rehab centre Steps Rehabilitation in Sheffield. This step would cost in the region of £114,000.

The results of the 12 week physical therapy will dictate the next steps for Gemmas Journey.